Positive Behavior Support incentives




1 Ticket Choice!

-Enter your ticket in the Monthly Raffle box in the main office for achance at a special prize to be drawn at the end of each month- giftcertificates and more!


3 Tickets Choices!

-Return to your childhood with a TREASURE CHEST PICK!  (Toys, Candy, Snacks, Bookmarks and more!)

-Go to the Head of the Lunch Line for you and a friend!

-Free Ticket to an Afternoon Movie Event


6 Ticket Choices!

-Courtyard Lunch Outside with a Friend! Buy or bring your lunch andenjoy it in the picnic area outside of the main lobby.  Head of the lunch line included in thisdeal!   Presign-up needed with Mr.Catrillo

-ID Consequence Pass.   Did youforget your ID a few times…this permits you to stay on the same level for oneincident to avoid a detention or suspension!

Present tickets when discussing your ID situation in the office.


9 Ticket Choices!

-Lunch in the conference room with you and up to 5 friends from thesame lunch!  Skip the noise and enjoy apeaceful lunch with friends.  Head of thelunch line included in this deal! Presign-up needed for this deal.

-Get out of detention free!  Since you earned a positive recognition 9 times, you can use yourtickets to skip a detention for your infrequent mistake!


12 Ticket Choices!

-Principal, secretary or teacher for a day!  Make arrangements to take on another role forthe day.  Make arrangements with theperson directly then contact Mr.Catrillo!

-Feature story!  Do you have anexciting life story to tell?  This allowsyou a feature school newspaper article/or South Side interview all aboutyou.  Contact Mr. Catrillo!


Your teachers may have extra incentives within their classroom!  Check with each teacher!