Training Session



    After COVID-19


    Coaches responsible for training:

    • Coaches will clean soccer balls/equipment before practice 
    • Coaches will provide and monitor training sessions to ensure safe distance between players and drills.
    • Coaches will move field equipment for drills.(cones, dummies, ladders, soccer bags, etc)
    • If groups exceed CDC recommendation(25 people) we will break up into smaller groups to ensure safety, and will have a coach(s) for each group.

    What players will need

    • There own soccer attire (shirt, soccer shorts sneaker/cleats,no sharing of clothes)
    • Own water bottle, a gallon recomended (refills will not be available/no sharing water)
    • Own hand sanitizer 
    • Own facemask
    • Pen to sign in

    Players responsible for practice:

    • Please arrive dressed for practice.(locker rooms will not be open) 
    • Please try leaving bags in your car, if not bags must be spread apart at practice.
    • Bring your own water bottle. DO NOT share water. (I suggest a gallon of water)
    • Arrive with your face mask on and while you get ready.  You can take them off as soon as we start practice.

    Arriving to practice:  We will utilize the main entrance to the stadium.  EVERY player will have their tempature taken and need to turn in a signed waiver. Once they are cleared they can participate at practice that day. If any player has a tempture of 100f or greater they may not participate that day. Everyone will have their tempature taken every practice.

    Leaving practice:  Practicing at the stadium we will exit at the gates exiting on Vine St. or gates exiting out towards the back fields 

    Parent attendance: Unfortunately during this time parents are not permitted in practice areas due to CDC restrictions.  Parents may observe from their car. Also please do not leave until you know your child has been cleared for that day.

     Training Plans:  

    We will have practice in groups sizes following CDC guidelines.(25 people max)

    Warm ups: (All equipment will be cleaned prior to practice)

    • We will start with our normal “Circle stretch” that will have players 6ft apart.
    • We will move to “Dynamic Stretch”, with players 6ft apart and delayed start.
    • Ball warm ups w/partners will be at least 6ft apart and only touching the soccer ball with their feet.
    • We will not conduct drills that will require the use of hands (throw ins, headers)

    Conditioning Drills:

    • 1-2 Mile runs will be staggered start times and will run on the levi or around the back fields.
    • Bleacher drills will delay starts so each player will be 6ft apart.
    • Sprinting drills will have distance between each player and all run and return in one direction.
    • Ladder/Cone drills will be spread out on the field to provide safe distance.

    Weight Room:

    • Players will enter from the doors coming from the track, and will exit through doors exiting to the parking lot.
    • We will only do weight training drills that doesn’t require a spot.
    • Each player will wipe down equipment after using.
    • If group size exceeds weight room size (20 people), we will move weight training on the field.

    Soccer drills: (players will only use the soccer ball they start practice with)

    • Soccer drills will not be 1v1, or against other players.
    • We will only conduct soccer drills that provide a safe distance.(long passing,positioning drills, etc.)
    • Passing drills will be atleast 6ft apart and players can only touch the ball with their feet.
    • Players will retrieve their own ball.
    • During shooting drills passes will only be given by coaches
    • If a player misses a goal or pass they will retrieve only their own ball.
    • ALL soccer drills will not have goalies to provide minimal exchange of soccer balls.

    Goalie Drills:(drills will not be in scrimmage/versus environment until recommended to do so)

    • Coaches will designate 3-4 soccer balls for each goalie only they can use.
    • Goalies are the only ones allowed to handle their soccer balls with their gloves.
    • Goalies will only use their own gloves, and will take gloves with them for next practice. 
    • During goalie drills, coaches will not handle soccer balls with hands.
    • Coaches will receive and kick soccer balls with feet.



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