Transportation Policy

    Effective September 3, 1996, the start of the 1996-1997 school year for students, students will NOT be permitted to ride school buses other than the bus or buses initially assigned by the Transportation Department. Primary transportation will be designed to transport students to and from the school or schools assigned from their place of residence within the District or from a day-care provider specified by the parent or guardian prior to the start of the school year. Students identified as "walkers" will NOT be permitted to ride the school buses to and from the assigned "home" school. There will be NO exceptions to this policy except in the following areas:
    • A parent or guardian changes residence during the school term (includes court-ordered dual custody situations).
    • A student was assigned to an incorrect bus or buses at the start of the school term.
    • A parent or guardian changes day-care providers.
    • A student is reassigned to a new school because of the required educational program.
    • An emergency develops relating to the family of the student where no one would be at the residence to send the student to school or to receive the student at the end of the school day and there is no other parent or guardian arrangements that can be made for safe transportation other than by school bus (An "emergency" is defined as death in the family or unanticipated medical condition).
    This TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT POLICY has been developed and will be used throughout all public schools as part of the East Stroudsburg Area School District in an effort to gain a consistent level of operation from one school to another within the District; to help insure the safety of all students assigned to the various schools within the District; and to have a more accurate method for identifying the location of students during the times of school bus transportation.