• Criteria & Eligibility

    The English as a Second Language program of the East Stroudsburg Area School District shall provide planned instruction that utilizes the English language to communicate effectively in both social and academic contexts for each student whose dominant language is not English. The structure of the curriculum meets the Pennsylvania Academic Standards and the Pennsylvania State Standards for Language Proficiency, as well as the TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Standards for English Language Learners. Instructional standards will be met and respect for individual needs will be maintained, while being tolerant, understanding and sensitive to the diversity of each student. Recognizing the diversity of each student, ESL Specialists believe it is important to foster their students’ participation in American society, while preserving the individual’s language and culture.

    Every registered student completes a Home Language Survey form upon entering the school district. If the information provided specifies a language influence other than English or an origin of birth other than USA, the ESL specialist reviews the student’s records and uses a parent questionnaire to determine if formal screening is indicated. The ESL specialist will use a state required assessment as well as a district assessment to determine the appropriate placement for the student. Parents will be contacted with a welcome letter from the ESL Specialist if the student qualifies for the ESL program.