Psychological Services

  • The school psychologist has developed into an eclectic function within the educational environment. School psychologists provide a comprehensive support system for special education services to students with challenging needs including assessment, consultation, counseling and program implementation. Presently, the East Stroudsburg Area School District contracts with the Colonial Intermediate Unit #20 for psychological services.

    The Evaluation Report (ER) is the process by which the school psychologist formalizes the identification of the student's needs for special education services via the team process, which includes the parent(s)/guardian(s). Collaboration is the focal point for gathering information and making assessments.

    The school psychologists serve as a crisis intervention team to provide immediate and effective short-term intervention in acute crisis situations. Situations covered are those deemed to have implications for affecting a significant portion of the school population beyond the victim. Such situations may include, but not be limited to, the aftermath of suicide, sudden death, etc.

    School psychologists provide consultation, staff development, psychological evaluation and counseling services.