• Adult ESL Classes (English)

    East Stroudsburg Area School District is offering a program in Adult ESL Literacy. Classes are designed to support family members with English language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in the library at Resica Elementary School as listed on the ESL calendar.

    This program is free of charge. We encourage all family members to participate. All levels of English language proficiency are welcome.
    If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Janice Rodriguez at 570-223-6911.
    *Please Note: Classes will not be held if there is a snow day, early school dismissal, or school cancellation of evening activities for East Stroudsburg Area School District.

    Adult ESL Classes (Espanol)

     El Districto Escolar de East Stroudsburg está ofreciendo un programa de Inglés Como Segundo Idioma para Adultos. Estas clases estan designados para apoyar a los miembros de la familia con destrezas en inglés en los areas de escuchar, hablar, leer y escribir. Las clases se ofercerán en la noche los martes a las 6:00 pm hasta a las 8:00 pm en la escuela Resica.
    Por favor, consulte el calendario de fechas de ESL Este program es gratis. Nosotros queremos que toda la familia participe.
    Si tiene preguntas, llama Señora Janice Rodríguez a 570-223-6911.
    *Una Nota: Las clases se cancelerán si cae nieve y tambien las actividades programadas para ese día (martes).

    Learn English apps

    English Grammar - This site will help with grammar.  It provides explanations for mistakes.

    Duolingo - This site will help you use your native language to learn English.

    English Listening - Improve your English listening skills.

    English Speaking - Improve your English speaking skills.


    Learn English websites

    ESLgold - A goldmine of resources to practice speaking, listenting, reading, and writing.

    Grammarly - A free tool to add to your browser that offers suggestions to improve writing.

    Lanternfish - Look here for lots of activities related to the English language and United States culture.

    Really Learn English! - A great site for interactive exercises.  


    Other Useful websites

    U.S. Citizenship Test with audio clips - This site will help you learn the questions for the United States Citizenship test.