• Directions for Completing Report Cards for English Language Learners



    • The classroom teacher is responsible for collaborating with the ESL Specialist regarding a student’s instruction and appropriate reporting of progress.

    For ELLs who are levels 1 and 2 Beginners only - The classroom teacher should type into the Teacher Comment box: Refer to the English Language Proficiency Progress Report, which is completed by the ESL Specialist. Leave all non-gradable content areas blank. Include ESL Proficiency Progress Report with grade level report card.

    For ELLs who are levels 3 and 4 and are functioning below grade level – The classroom teacher should type into the Teacher Comment box: Refer to the Narrative ESL Progress Report, which is completed by the classroom teacher in collaboration with the ESL Specialist. This wording will allow teachers to leave certain sections of the report card blank, if it is deemed by the ESL Specialist and classroom teacher that growth in some curricular areas would be more appropriately documented on the Narrative ESL Progress Report than on the grade level report card.

    1. Include a copy of the ESL Proficiency Progress Report for levels 1 and 2 or Narrative ESL Progress Report for levels 3 and 4 as deemed necessary by the ESL Specialist with the student’s report card each marking period. If it is referred to on the report card in the Teacher Comment box, it MUST BE INCLUDED with the report card.

    2. Due to each student’s varying instructional levels and rate of English acquisition, determinations regarding appropriate use of the grade level report card must be made on a case-by-case basis with collaboration of the ESL Specialist and the classroom teacher.

    English Language Learners at Levels 3 and 4 Working on Grade Level

    Classroom teacher marks grades that the student has earned in each content area.

    1. Use Comment Code 34
    (Grade Reflects Modifications/Accommodations) in any applicable content areas, if modifications were made on tests, quizzes, etc. Examples of modifications would include adding a word bank or eliminating answer choices.

    NOTE: Reasonable accommodations such as smaller group testing, tests read aloud (with the exception of reading tests), and chunking of tests are permissible for ALL STUDENTS and so would not require the use of Comment Code 34.

    English Language Learners level 5 Monitored

    Comment Code 34 may or may not be needed for MONITORED ELLs, depending upon the student’s individual need for accommodations/modifications.

    DO NOT type Refer to the Narrative ESL Progress Report in the Teacher Comment box. These students will be graded on the district grade level report card.