Discipline Policy


    Students shall NOT be permitted to ride school buses other than the bus or buses assigned.

    Students identified as “walkers” will NOT be permitted to ride the school buses to and/or from the assigned “home” school. Changing of buses will be permitted only for urgent reasons such as medical and family emergencies, and requests for change must be submitted to the Principal.

    Changes of buses will only be permitted under the following circumstances:

    1. A Parent changes residence during the school term (includes court-ordered dual custody situations);

    2. A student was mistakenly assigned to an incorrect bus or buses at the start of the school term;

    3. A Parent changes daycare providers;

    4. A student is reassigned to a new school because of the required educational program; or

    5. An emergency develops relating to the family of the student where no one would be at the residence to send the student to school or to receive the student at the end of the school day and there are no other Parent arrangements that can be made for safe transportation other than by school bus. (An “emergency” is defined as death in the family or unanticipated medical condition.)

    The District reserves the right to modify student bus assignments, bus routes and pickup/drop off times.

    This Policy has been developed and will be used to gain a consistent level of operation from one school to another within the District; to help insure the safety of all students assigned to the various schools within the District; and to have a more accurate method for identifying the location of students during the times of school bus transportation.

    All students of the District share in the responsibility to provide a safe, efficient, and wholesome atmosphere on District buses. Students shall conduct themselves on the bus in a manner consistent with established standards for classroom behavior. Students shall cooperate fully with the bus drivers and the instructions and directives of the bus driver. The following rules apply to all students riding school buses:

    1. Arrive at the assigned bus stop ten (10) minutes before scheduled pick-up times. Parents are responsible for their child/children meeting the bus schedule and their safety to and from pick-up points. Parents/ Guardians are responsible for their child’s conduct at the bus stop both before and after school. The bus will not wait for those students who are regularly tardy or who wait for the bus inside their homes.

    2. Exhibit orderly and appropriate behavior while at the bus stop and on the bus.

    3. Respect the property adjacent to the bus stop, respect the safety and property of other students, and follow all directions and guidance provided by the bus driver. The bus driver has the same authority as a classroom teacher.

    4. Ride only on your assigned bus and board and depart only from your assigned bus stop, unless the District has approved a change

    5. Enter the bus and take a seat without disturbing others.

    6. Report all injuries that occur on the bus or getting on and off the bus to the driver immediately, no matter how slight.

    7. Sit in assigned seats that are designated by the bus driver and obey the driver’s seating instructions.

    8. Remain in your seat while the bus is in motion. Heads, hands, and feet must be kept inside the windows at all times.

    9. Speak in a normal tone of voice while on the bus. No shouting.

    10. Do not fight, push, or trip at any time on the bus.

    11. Do not use profane language.

    12. Do not aggravate or provoke other students on the bus.

    13. Do not throw or project paper, water, or other objects on the bus or from the bus at any time.

    14. The same discipline rules applied in school apply on the bus.

    15. A “no eating” Policy will be followed on all buses. Tobacco, matches, eating, drinking or chewing gum on the bus is prohibited.
    See District Board Policy 210.2]

    16. Keep the bus clean and orderly.

    17. Do not willfully destroy clothing or any other property of another student or any part of the bus.

    18. No objects that would block the aisles or emergency door exits are allowed on the bus. No items can be placed in the driver’s compartment, doorway or aisle of the bus, or under seats. These areas must be kept clear to exit in case of emergencies.

    19. Pets or animals are not permitted on the bus.

    20. Large musical instruments or school projects are not permitted on the bus unless they can be held on the student’s lap.

    21. Objects that endanger other students are strictly prohibited. Such objects include firearms, knives, metal stars, ice skates, glass objects, etc. Possession of dangerous objects may result in immediate suspension of bus privileges and other discipline. There will be no dangerous objects that could be misconstrued as weapons brought on the bus as well.

    22. Seatbelts must be worn at all times on those buses or school vehicles fitted with seatbelts.

    SCHOOL BUS RIDERSHIP IS A PRIVILEGE AND NOT A RIGHT. Misconduct by bus passengers will result in having transportation privileges suspended. District reserves the right to suspend disruptive students from bus transportation, and students who misbehave may be denied the privilege of riding the bus, in which case Parent(s) must make alternate arrangements to transport their children to school. Students may also be disciplined for poor conduct while riding the bus. SUSPENSION FROM THE BUS IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR BEING ABSENT FROM SCHOOL, unless the infraction is of a serious nature, in which case a school suspension may be assigned in addition to the bus riding suspension. Parent will be held liable for any damages or destruction caused by their child to any property of another student or any part of the bus.

    The District does not allow the use of physical force in the discipline of students except in those cases where it is reasonable for purposes of self-defense, to quell a disturbance, to obtain possession of weapons or other dangerous objects, for the protection of property or in preventing bodily harm to others in accordance with District student discipline Policy.

    Bus drivers shall report in writing on approved forms any infraction of the bus Policy to the Principal. Morning infractions would be given to the Principal by the end of the school day, while afternoon infraction must be reported by noon the following work day. Disciplinary steps shall be taken by the Principal in accordance with this Code.


    Audio and/or video surveillance of school buses may be utilized by the District. The District shall provide proper notice to students and others that audio and/or video surveillance may occur on any transportation vehicle at any time. If video monitoring is utilized, a warning, via a posted decal, will inform riders that a video monitoring system may be used at any time. If a student has been videotaped and disciplinary action has been recommended, in whole or in part because of what is depicted on the videotape, the Parent of the student being disciplined may request to view the videotape, and the request should be directed to the Principal. Parents may view only that portion of the videotape which documents the alleged misbehavior of their child. All videotaped evidence of the student’s misbehavior will be erased after the disciplinary action/disposition, and any appeals, have concluded.

    1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense 4th Offense

    Level I Verbal Warning Documented warning

    Level II  1 day suspension 2 day suspension 3 day suspension 4 day suspension

    Level III 3 day suspension 4 day suspension 5 day suspension 6 day suspension

    Level IV 5 day suspension 6 day suspension 7 day suspension 8 day suspension

    The Principal is authorized to move directly to any offense when a criminal offense occurs such as assault, drug-related offenses, destruction of public property, possession of weapons, and similar acts. In this instance, the student will be disciplined in accordance with the decision of the Superintendent of schools.
    In the event that there are aggravating circumstances, discipline in addition to the discipline set forth above may be more severe.

    A copy of each pupil misconduct report, with appropriate action taken, must be filed in the pupil’s discipline folder.

    Attention Monroe Career and Technical Institute (MCTI) students: The shuttle buses to the MCTI leave promptly at the same time each day. It is each student’s responsibility to be on the bus on time. Any student who misses the bus to the MCTI must report directly to the main office. Anyone missing the bus and not reporting to the main office may be suspended from school and/or reported to the MCTI for truancy.