• Meals Service during Summer 2020

    Meal service will continue until the end of August.

    Grab and Go is available at South HS, Middle Smithfirld Elementary, and North HS.

    Bus delivery will continue as previously scheduled.

    Open to all at no cost to participants.

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  • July 3rd closure

    There will be no bus nor "grab and go" service on July 3rd.  


    All food service will begin again in full on Monday July 6th.


    Have a safe and Healthy 4th.

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  • Grab and Go meals and Bus Delivery of meals

    Beginning March 16 and going forward the school district wil lhave grab and go breakfasts and lunches available at the following locations:

    South High School (by the main entrance); Middle Smithfield Elementary (by the main entrance); and North High School (by the main entrance)


    Lunch menu will include a variety of sandwiches, fruit, vegetable and milk.

    Breakfast menu will include a variety of breakfast foods such as muffins, bagels, cereal, fruit juice and milk.

    Please note most sandwiches contain soy, wheat, and dairy.  However, please refer to the Nutritional Analysis and Profiles to ensure that the product served is in compliance with your dietary needs.


    Beginning March 23 the school district will begin delivering meals via their bus service.

    Note, however, that you may still drive up and receive your meal at any of the three locations previously stated.


    Please contact me at 570-424-8500 at ext 10530 on questions or comments.


    Thank you and be safe and be well.





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  • Adult Meals

    Beginning June 29th Adult and Senior meals will be available at no cost at the school disticts' three "grab and go" locations.  There is no cost for either the breakfast or lunch meal.

    Times of service are from 11:30 A to 1 P Monday through Friday

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  • Nutritional Analysis and Profiles

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  • Breakfast Items - and directions to properly heat up

    Today, you may receive a breakfast item that will need to be heated.  Those items may be pancakes, french toast, waffles, or mini cinis.  Place that item in its unopened bag in the microwave, heat for about a minute or until hot,  Open and enjoy!!!

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  • Chicken Patty Sandwich - and directions to properly heat up

    On Wednesday May 6th, you will be served a Chicken Patty Sandwich that will need to be heated.  If not frozen, cut a slit in the bag, place that item in its bag in the microwave, heat for about a minute or until hot. (165 F)  If patty is frozen, take out of the bag and heat in microwave for about 2 minutes separate of the hamburger roll.  Enjoy!!!

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  • Pizza Friday - and directions to properly heat up

    Hi everyone,

    Every Friday both the "grab and go" distribution areas and the "bus deliveries" will be offering "pizza" to all the students participating in the breakfast and lunch program.

    The pizza has been precooked and is being delivered cold to you.

    Please follow these instructions on how to prepare:

    Pizza Heat Up: The wedge pizza that you are receiving is precooked.  To reheat, please do the following:  In a regular home oven turn on the oven to 350 F.  Bake for about 7 minutes.  If you use a microwave heat for about a minute to a minute and a half. When using a microwave take the pizza out of the aluminum foil before placing it in the microwave.  Optimal internal temperature should be 165 F.  Enjoy!!!


    Note for those who do not wish to have pizza, the buses will have an alternate meal.  The grab and go areas always have two to three other selections.




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  • Health and Wellness Meeting

    The next Districtwide Health and Wellness meeting will be held in September 2020.  Stay tune for more details.   All are welcome to attend. 

    Thank you!!!

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  • Health and Wellness Triennial Assessment Report

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