PA School Code

  • § 23.3. Dental Examinations.

    (a) Dental examinations shall be required on original entry into school and in grades three and seven. In instances where there are kindergartens in some schools of a district and not in others, the board or joint board may decide whether medical and dental examinations shall begin in the first grade or in the kindergarten.

    (b) Children transferred from other school systems shall be examined as soon as possible after the transfer regardless of their age or grade if an adequate dental record is not made available by the original school.

    (c) Dental examinations shall be conducted with sufficient care and detail to command dental respect and to provide an educational experience for the child and his parents. Examinations shall be scheduled so that an average of no more than eight children are examined in an hour.
    1. The school dental examination may be conducted by the family dentist and reported to the school on forms supplied by the school. Administrators are urged to have as many children examined privately as possible to provide for continuity in the dental care of the child. Payment for these examinations shall be the responsibility of the parent; however, children examined privately shall be counted as part of the enrollment for reimbursement purposes as provided in § 23.24 (relating to maximum reimbursement for dental services).

    Cross References
    This section cited in 28 Pa. Code § 23.21 (relating to general).

    § 23.35. Dental hygienists.

    (a) Qualifications. A dental hygienist shall be licensed by the State Dental Council and Examining Board and be certified as a school dental hygienist by the Department of Education.
    (b) Employment. Dental hygienists shall be employed by a school district or joint school board.
    (c) Duties. The duties of a dental hygienist shall be those exclusively performed in connection with school dental health activities and to include those preventive services as recommended by the Department of Health.

    Cross References
    Pa. Code § 33.205b (relating to practice as a public health dental hygiene practitioner.