Virtual Learner Profile

  • Student with Computer


    How do I know I will be a successful online learner?

    Please note learning virtually through the computer is a very different experience than what you have in a classroom.  To be successful in online learning requires a different set of skills and abilities.  Online learning also requires considerable self-discipline.  
    Please critique your skills, abilities, and motivation for seeking out online learning. The following are a collection of characteristics that will help you to determine if you share similar traits of successful online learners.

    Are you:

    • Good at typing/keyboarding?
    • Self-motivated and self-disciplined?
    • Aware that online education is time consuming?
    • Aware that online learning gets easier after you get used to it?
    • Able to "see the big picture" and breakdown your work accordingly?

    Can you:

    • Work from written directions?
    • Communicate well through writing?
    • Think ideas through before you write/respond?
    • Learn without the face-to-face interactions found in traditional classrooms?
    • Accept critical thinking and decision making as part of the learning process?

    Do you:

    • Complete assignments on time?
    • Set goals and take responsibility
    • Have a learning style that is conducive to online learning
    • Know your technical skills and technical limitations.

    Will you:

    • Participate regularly?
    • Apply what you learn?
    • Log on to your course every day?
    • Set aside a workspace to aid in studying.
    • Reach out to teachers immediately when having a problem?
    • Print up lectures and reading materials when necessary?
    • Have patience and backup plans in case of technical difficulties?