About Us


    Why choose ESACA?
    The East Stroudsburg Area Cyber Academy provides access to an online, collaborative, and self-paced learning environment that:
    • Provides challenging learning opportunities in all academic areas
    • Facilitates 21st-century skills
    • Offers course instruction by ESASD Pennsylvania Certified Teachers
    • Offers guidance services by ESASD Guidance Counselors

    Students will be able to combine these skills with the effective use of technology to succeed in current and future education or jobs. Directing one’s own learning path is not only valuable but essential in the 21st century. 

    Why choose ESACA?

    The ESACA provides many benefits that other distant cyber schools cannot.  Many students choose ESACA for the following reasons:
    • All of the East Stroudsburg Area School District resources are at your disposal.
    • We offer over 75 different courses online.
    • Your child can quickly and easily transfer from or back to their brick-and-mortar school.
    • We provide a computer.  No books are needed.
    • Complete flexibility in when and where your child wants to learn.
    • ESASD School Performance Score continues to far exceed the scores of all cyber charter schools.
    • ESACA students are eligible to attend Monroe County Technical Institute. 
    • We offer face-to-face support. 
    • ESACA students earn an ESASD diploma and attend the ESASD graduation ceremony!