• Orientation

    A mandatory orientation will be provided for each student entering the ESACA.  In addition to a face to face orientation, all students will view an Edgenuity orientation video upon their first login. Orientations are completed at the group level before the start of school.  However, after the school year starts, orientation on done at an individual or small group level. 


    Students are required to log in to Edgenuity on a daily basis. Attendance will be recorded each day. Attendance follows the district attendance policies as stated in policy 204. Students are required to send the district excuse notes for each day that a student is absent.  Absences shall be treated as unlawful until the school district receives a written excuse explaining the absence, which must be submitted within three (3) days after the absence. Absent notes can be submitted via fax, email or delivered in person.  Please direct your absence excuses to Jessica-Newberry@esasd.net, or fax to 570-424-7836, or deliver them to 2002 Milford Road, behind JTL, in East Stroudsburg.  Please call 570-424-7831 should you have questions. 


    Computers Provided

    All ESACA full-time students may receive a computer from the district to utilize during the school year. A student will receive the computer after orientation.


    All students will receive an e-mail address, user name, and password on the day of orientation. Students must log into http://students.esasd.net then enter their username and password. If this site does not work please call 570-424-8500 ext 1616 for technician help.


    The ESACA cyber program provides parents with either daily, weekly, or monthly, emails of your student's progress.  This grading is real-time and easy to understand both their numerical grade and their actual completion progress.  In addition, your student's grades will also be available through our district parent portal within our district-wide student information system.  Should you not be able to see your student's grades, please call us at 570-424-7831. 

    All students are expected to complete assignments in each scheduled subject according to a quarterly timeline suggested by the course teacher and course design. All units and assignments will remain open throughout the semester and students will not be penalized for how long it takes to complete assignments. However, no student will be given extended time past the end of the semester to complete a course without prior administrative approval.