Services Offered

  • Classroom Guidance

    All K-5 students receive social and emotional learning utilizing the Second Step Curriculum and the Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit. These lessons are developmentally appropriate for each grade level and preventative in nature. Our goal is to promote and enhance student learning by helping students develop self-knowledge, coping skills, effective communication skills and creative problem-solving methods.

    In the second grade, all students have the opportunity to partake in the Care for Kids lessons provided by Women's Resources. This curriculum is health education and violence prevention that meets National Health Education Standards. The lessons focus on helping children learn to ask for help, recognize feelings, as well as body boundaries and respectful relationships.

    Small Group Counseling

    Needs-based groups can be formed on a variety of topics. Small groups usually meet on a weekly/per cycle basis for about 4-8 sessions. Typical topics can include, but not limited to: grief or loss; divorce and separation; and friendship or social skills.

    Individual Counseling

    On a limited basis, counselors work with students individually for a number of school-related problems such as: difficulty in the classroom, difficulty coming to school or introducing new students. We are also available to meet with students who have recently experienced a crisis. If your child were to need more in-depth counseling, we are available to provide outside referrals.

    Parent Consultation

    We are here for parents as well. If you have a concern about your child that might be affecting his or her school performance, please don’t hesitate to call the guidance office. We are here to provide consultation and assistance for parents, as well as for teachers and other school staff.