Rules & Regulations

  • Hours of Operation

    Monday - Friday hours are 7:45 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.
    Library hours follow early dismissal & delayed opening timeframes.

    The library is available during PAIP for photocopy use, computer access, obtaining study hall passes, signing-out materials, returning materials, taking care of overdue obligations, etc. Building administration requires ALL students to report to first period for homeroom and has instructed the library personnel NOT to have students in the library at this time!

    Student Photo Identification Cards are required for :
    Signing out all library materials

    [If you do not possess a student ID card, you may make arrangements with the Main Office for a photo ID picture session.]

    Library Etiquette  

    Library patrons should be quiet, orderly, and courteous
    Food and beverages are not permitted in any of the research or computer areas In compliance with building policy, headgear should not be worn in the library Card or game playing is not permitted No walkman, CD players, cassette players, beepers, cell phones or laser pens are allowed in the library.  In accordance with building policy the library staff is required to remove such items to the main office.

    •  Students in the library researching an assignment with a classroom teacher are requested to remain in the areas reserved by the faculty member until the end of the period and/or block.

    •  Students remain in the library during the period.  Emergency time-stamped passes will be issued should a student need to leave the library.  At the request of the building administration, students utilizing the library from PAIP are not to leave the facility unless it is an emergency.  Students in the library with a classroom teacher may sign-out of the facility at the discretion of the classroom teacher.  The teacher is responsible for providing a written pass, and the library will provide a sign-out sheet and hall board pass.

    •  Students are requested to remain in the assigned area until the bell sounds, indicating the end of the period.

    •  Students are to return copies of magazines to the periodical shelves and newspapers to the proper racks before the end of the period.

    •  When exiting the library, students are encouraged to push in table chairs, and leave the area in an orderly fashion.

    •  The library is equipped with a security system.  Should the alarm sound when exiting the library, the library patron is expected to report to the front desk.  Library personnel will assist the patron in checking for materials that may have not been correctly signed out of the library.

    Overdue/Lost Obligations

    •  Students will be charged for overdue, lost, and/or damaged materials.  Cost of materials is charged at cost of book at the time of purchase.  Alliance Plus is the guideline text.

    •  Notices will be issued via the student's first period class

    •  All students are required to show photo ID prior to signing out material.  Unless materials in question are located in the library, all students will be held responsible for overdue and/or lost materials.  Notices sent home during the second, third, and fourth quarter. 

    Overdue fines are charged as follows:

    Regular: $.05 per item (school days only)

    "Access PA" materials: $2.00 daily per item (materials on loan to student from another library in the state of PA)


    Visiting the Library

    Obtain a library pass from PAIP teacher.
    Indicate whether the student will be returning a book, selecting a new book or researching something for a teacher.

    Small Groups - Students may be sent to the library from the classroom with a signed pass from the classroom teacher. Building administration requires each student to have his/her own pass rather than a group pass . The teacher is requested to phone the library if the group is larger than three.

    Large Groups - Teachers utilize research request forms with the librarian when the entire class is brought to the library for research. Prior approval from the librarian is necessary.

    Restricted Library Use - Should the library facility be reserved for one or more periods by a large group activity (i.e. Math Test, School Testing Site, etc.) all other library usage by students and staff will be restricted.