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    Research Terminology

    Engines (search engines) - Programs that search the World Wide Web for information.

    Directories - On the World Wide Web, a directory is a subject guide, typically organized by major topics and subtopics.

    Databases - A database is a collection of information that is organized so that its contents can easily be accessed, managed, and updated.

    Graphics - A collection of pictures and designs.

    Periodicals - Magazines (including newspapers) that are published at regular intervals.

    Specialties - General subject matter that is narrowed down to a single branch of study.

    Government - Websites for information on anything associated with the U.S. government.

    Books - Websites to review or buy books and publications.

    Libraries - A collection of files with precompiled information.

    Media - A best of searchable information of TV and radio publications.

    Reference - Sources containing concise information on a variety of topics, i.e. encyclopedia