Grading System


    The following information pertains to numerical grading.
    1. All courses will use a numerical system of grading.
    2. Any grade average below 65.0% will be considered a failing grade.
    3. Any student who is absent on the day of a final exam must produce a doctor’s excuse for the absence. Otherwise, a grade of one (“1”) will be recorded for the exam.
    4. The final course grade consists of the grade earned by the student and the final exam, with the final exam, if required, being worth 1/9 of the grade.
    5. A student may receive a notation of “I” on his/her report card indicating that required work was not submitted. A student has one (1) school day for each day of absence to make up incomplete work, except in extenuating circumstances.
    6. Alphabetic and numeric grade equivalents are listed below for grades 9 - 12:

    Grading Scale

    90-100 Superior (A)
    80-89 Above Average (B)
    70-79 Average (C)
    65-69 Below Average (D)
    <65 Failing (F)
    WP=Withdraw Passing
    WF=Withdraw Failing
    M=Medical Excuse
    IT=Insufficient Time
    CD=Credit Denial
    Failed courses in the fall semester are not rescheduled for the spring unless approved by the building principal or his/her designee. However, a student may make up the credit by “doubling up” on required courses the following year or by attending summer school.


    The following criteria shall be used in determining eligibility for the school honor rolls:
    1. “High Honors”—A student attains high honors by having a marking period average of 92% or better with no grade lower than 80% in any subject as well as no “U,” “I”, or “WF.”
    2. “Honors”—A student attains honors by having a marking period average of 86% or better with no grade lower than 80% in any subject as well as no “U,” “I”, or “WF.”
    3. Determination of academic honor standing will be made by the guidance department and administration at the end of each marking period. Honor standing will be noted on the student’s report card. All subjects (except Driver’s Training) are calculated in the average for the honor roll determination.
    Averages will be re-calculated once an “I” is made up and a new grade is assigned.
    For more information, see the Program of Studies.