In the event of an emergency on the school bus, students must always cooperate with the bus driver. Students should remember to remain calm and be quiet so they can hear the driver's instructions. This is especially critical if it becomes necessary to evacuate the bus due to an immediate hazardous condition.
    The primary purpose of East Stroudsburg Area School District Transportation Department is the transport of eligible Students to and from home. Therefore, Students are expected to ride their assigned bus each day to and from school and get on and off at their assigned bus stop.
    Students who wish to ride a bus other than their assigned bus (i.e., going home with a friend, going to a babysitter for one day, etc.) should provide their own transportation. This means Parents are responsible for providing this type of transportation.
    In special circumstances, it may be possible for a student to obtain a bus pass to ride a different bus, however, passes will only be issued on a space available basis and for one time only.  Passes for this type of transportation MUST be requested in writing in advance from the school building Principal.  Notes to the Bus Driver are not acceptable in lieu of passes.  Passes will not be issued for more than one day at a time and only for EMERGENCY purposes (an "EMERGENGY" is defined as a death in the family or unanticipated medical condition).
    A written request must be submitted to the Principal by the Parent before a bus pass will be considered.