• Field Trips/Activity Trips

    Transportation is also provided, when feasible, to transport students attending various academic or competitive events. Students riding the bus on field trips/activity trips are expected to follow the same rules that apply to students riding buses to and from school on a daily basis. Misbehavior will not be tolerated and will result in loss of future riding privileges.
    Regular route transportation takes precedence over field trips/activity trips and so the trip pick-up and drop times may be adjusted to accommodate regular routes first.
    Parents of students going on field trips/activity trips must sign a separate permission form, provided by the school, before students will be allowed to ride the bus on a field trip/activity trip.
    Field trip/activity trip transportation is provided only for students, teacher, coaches, and approved parent sponsors. Parent and/or preschool children wishing to participate in the field trip/activity trip must provide their own transportation.