Late Buses

  • Despite everyone's best efforts to keep the buses on time, it is inevitable that buses will sometimes be late. Route sheets distributed by the Transportation Department at the beginning of each school year list the anticipated pick-up time for the first stop on each route. As the school year proceeds, passengers will get a more realistic idea of when the bus will actually arrive at their individual bus stop.
    Sometimes unforseen situations occur that prohibit the bus from being on time, such as mechanical breakdowns or traffic congestion due to an accident or road closure, or inclement weather. When these situations occur, the Transportation Department makes every effort to get a bus back on schedule; however, it is not always possible.
    Parents are encouraged to wait with their children at the bus stop. Parents who cannot stay at the bus stop with their children should have contingency plans with neighbors and with their children on what to do if the bus is late or if the child should miss the bus.