Special Transportation

  • Students with special needs often require Special transportation. This is available to all students with an IEP that certified that the student is eligible for this service.
    Special Transportation Request Forms must be completed by the eligible student's case manager or guidance counselor and approved by the Special Education Coordinator before transportation can begin.
    If the student is not at home, and notice has not been received by Transportation, the bus will not go by the second day until notified by parent or guardian that the student will ride the bus again.
    When the student is delivered to the home and no responsible person is there, and Parent or Guardian has not made contact with Transportation, our policy is to return the student to the sending school.
    Students cannot be dropped off if there is not a Parent or Guardian seen to be waiting, -- UNLESS a Release Statement has been received by the Transportation Department, signed by the Parent or Guardian as well as the Principal of the sending school releasing the District of responsibility for the student being discharged alone.