• Google Apps for Education FAQ
    Google Apps for Education 
    What is Google Apps for Education (GAFE)?
    Google Apps for Education is group of web-based communication and collaboration tools. Part of these tools are Email, Calendar, and Drive (provides cloud-based file storage and sharing). Google Apps for Education provides a powerful unified solution with a simple attractive interface. 
    How is Google Apps for Education different than my personal Google?
    Personal Google Accounts have different end-user agreements and include ads. ESASD has a specific end-user agreement and no ads.

    Why Google Apps for Education?
    Cloud-based computing has become very popular on a multitude of devices. Google is a leading developer and service provider in this type of computing. Google develops its services to be device agnostic, this means that their services are available in some form whether using a Mac, PC, or mobile device. In addition, it has been noted that using cloud-based computing motivates students, boosts their performance, and prepares them for the world. Both faculty, staff, and students benefit from the wealth of collaboration and communication tools that Google makes available.
    Making the move to Google Apps 
    Will my district Google account be separate from my personal Google account?
    Yes. The accounts are separate; employees will be provided with a Google account as long as they have agreed to the terms within the Acceptable Use Policy 815.  

    Will Google search my district Email for marketing?
    No. ESASD has an agreement with Google that disallows them from searching our Email for marketing. 

    Is my email and information at Google kept private and secure?
    Yes. The data is owned by ESASD, not Google. ESASD has an agreement with Google to treat ESASD user data as confidential. 

    Will my current Email address change?
    No.  You will continue to use your district provided email address.

    Will all my current district Email messages, contacts, calendars, and notes be migrated to Google?
    No, only Email (includes folders and subfolders) will be migrated to Google. You will have to export your Contacts, Calendars, and Notes from Pronto and legacy mail and then import them into Google. We will provide instructions on how to perform these exports.

    Will the district mailing lists that I use be available?
    The main district mailing lists will remain available. However, some mailing lists were not transferred to Google. If there is a mailing list that appears to be missing that you need, please contact the help desk. The mailing list will go through an approval process. 

    Can I use Google Drive with my district Google Account?
    Yes, however, please keep in mind it is security best practice to never store any documents that contain (but are not limited):
    • Social Security Numbers
    • User account credentials
    • Driver's license numbers
    • Health and medical information
    • IEP's
    What are the URL's to access my district Google Services?  
    The following URL's have been created to access your Google Apps for Education services:
    • Google Mail - http://gmail.esasd.net
    • Google Docs - http://gdocs.esasd.net
    • Google Calendar - http://gcalendar.esasd.net
    • Google Drive - http://gdocs.esasd.net
    Can I use mobile devices to access my Email and Calendars?
    Yes, however, please do not store district data on personal devices.

    Who do I contact for support with Google Apps?
    You may continue to contact the help desk for support with Google Apps for Education. Please enter work tickets to receive assistance from your building technician.