Microsoft Office 365

  • East Stroudsburg Area School District has partnered with Microsoft to offer Microsoft Office 365 to staff and students. Office 365's productivity suite enables students and teachers to share documents, access Microsoft software applications online and work collaboratively.
    Students and staff can download up to five copies of Office 365 for Education on their devices.  Read the Installation and Support Guide for Office 365 if you need assistance.
    Activate with your Office 365 District Account
    Click on Office 365 icon to get started. You will have the option to download and install a copy of the software after you sign in.
    Staff: E-mail:  365
    Password: Current ESASD password
    E-mail: student
    Password: Current ESASD password 
    East Stroudsburg Area School District does NOT provide support on home installation of Office 365. Please refer to the Installation and Support Guide.
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