Family Login Section of Edgenuity (6-12 grades)

  • Family Login Section of Edgenuity

    You should receive daily progress reports from Edgenuity.  In addition to the progress reports you can log in to the portal to find up-to-date information.




    • Go to
    • Click on Family Login
    • Put in your Username:  (your email account - the one where you receive the daily progress reports)
    • Password: Reach out to your child's success coach


    These reports are essentially real-time.  You have access to both grades and the attendance log. 


    Reports available:

    Progress Report -- shows student’s completion rate as well as current grades.  “Actual Grade” is the only grade of concern.  However, the overall grade is a good indication of your student’s ability. Any “Red” in this report represents either the student being behind or failing the course.


    Attendance Log -- this report shows the actual time your student was online, what courses were being worked on, how many activities were completed, and how long the computer sat “idle” during the work session.  High levels of “idle” time are not expected. 

    How to read daily progress report in email  - remember if target and current completion are less than 5% different, no worries.  (The progress report includes assignments due today)