Music Teachers:

  • Katye Clogg

    Current Course Assignment: Concert Band, Honors Band, and Conducting and Analysis (spring)
    Educational Background: B.S. Penn State University, M.A. University of Pennsylvania
    Welcome Statement: I encourage every student to get involved in the arts! If you play an instrument, join the concert band! Band students can also be involved in the Marching Band, Jazz Band, Honors Band, Dixieland Band, and band festivals. If you do not play an instrument, join a choir! Or take some art classes. Or consider auditioning for the spring musical. There are many places to get involved here at HS-South.
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    Rachel Meola 

    Current Course Assignment: Concert Choir (full year), and Piano Class (fall and spring)
    Educational Background: B.S. The King's College
    Welcome Statement: Welcome to South High School! We have a thriving music program at High School South. The choir always welcomes new people and there are specialty groups (Choraliers and Choralettes) for those who want more challenging music with a small group of enthusiastic singers. Piano class is for any level player from beginners to advanced.
    Contact Information: rachel-meola@esasd.nett  

    David Lantz 

    Current Course Assignment: Fall: 3 sections of Concert Choir, Music Fundamentals I, Vocal Tech and Styling
    Spring: 3 sections of Concert Choir, Music Fundamentals II, Music Technology and Composition, Vocal Technique and Styling
    Educational Background: B.S. Susquehanna University, M.A. West Chester University in 2002
    Welcome Statement: I am the vocal music teacher who teaches the choirs, Music Theory classes, and vocal classes. I have always been involved with music since the age of 5. Outside of school, I also do a lot of music publishing and composing work. I am also a professional pianist, vocalist, and bassist, and frequently play jazz and pop gigs. In addition, I direct a church choir.
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