FAQ's about the East Stroudsburg Area Cyber Academy (ESACA)

  • Please send any questions to renee-stevens@esasd.net




    • How is attendance taken for ESACA? 
      • For secondary students, starting 9/2/2020, student attendance is recorded by their login for that day at any time.  The same holds true for elementary students, starting 9/8/2020.  Absences will be excused prior to the implementation of these rules. 
    • How does my student login to their computer?
      • Student logins are their email address...student ID# @esasd.net...then the password is the same as last year, if they are new, it is their 8 digit birthday.  Fill out this form www.esasd.net/str if you have problems. 
    • When will my child get their login information?
      • Secondary students will get their login information by this Friday, August 28.  Elementary will get their login information by September 4th. 
    • When is the deadline to enroll my student in the ESACA?  

      • We are hoping to have as many parents as possible to make a commitment to the ESACA program by August 1st, 2020.  However, that is not a deadline, but a goal to help plan in advance of the start of school. 


    • Can my child switch back to their brick-and-mortar school after they have enrolled in ESACA?

      • The answer is yes!  However, this year, the transition will likely not happen as quickly as it did in previous years.  We may have to institute specific transition periods, such as the end of each marking period. 
    • When does my child have to be online doing their work?

      • ESACA is generally an asynchronous program which allows your student to work when and where they want and at their own pace.  However, our teachers will conduct some synchronous online activities to enhance student socialization and community.  It is during these times that all students of a course would be encouraged to log in at a specific time.  All live sessions will be recorded to allow viewing at a later time for those who may have missed the session.
    • Can my student participate in school events, clubs, and sports?

      • Absolutely. All school-related activities, clubs, and sports are open to ESACA students. 
    • How do I know if my child is eligible to apply?

      • All students of the ESASD are eligible to apply to the East Stroudsburg Area Cyber Academy.  
    • Does my child have to attend the blended building during their cyber enrollment?

      • ESACA has built its successful reputation on the concept of a "blended" learning experience.  Traditionally, students who are struggling in mastering their lessons would attend the "Blended" building (located behind JTL) for a day or two during the week.  While attending the Blended building, they would receive remediation tutoring from a certified ESASD teacher and guidance from their cyber coach.  However, due to the current pandemic, we recognize that many parents do not want their children within any school building so the rule has been relaxed.  Students who desire face-to-face tutoring can still attend the Blended building if they want, but it is not a requirement. 
    • Will students receive live lessons in ESACA?
      • Many courses will now include live lessons.  These lessons will supplement the lessons within Edgenuity and provide insight into areas that the teacher feels needs further attention.  We will strongly encourage all students to participate in these lessons, yet they will be recorded so they may be viewed at a later time.   These lessons will be stored in the teacher's Google Classroom.  
    • My child has an IEP. Can they attend ESACA?
      • All children who have an IEP are eligible to apply to attend ESACA.  However, not every IEP can be properly served through ESACA which could determine your child's eligibility.  All IEP's require revisions and meetings prior to acceptance to ESACA.  
    • I have filled out the application, my child has been enrolled in cyber, what's next?
      • ESACA will be reaching out to parents with the dates of parent orientations.  Parents will want to make sure they attend these sessions.  There will be specific sessions for K-5 and 6-12. 
    • What supplies does my child need for cyber?
      • Generally, we would recommend notebooks, pens, and pencils. We strongly encourage the taking of notes for students 6-12.  We will soon be posting a list of common household items that may be used in the elementary program.  We are currently reviewing these lists for accuracy. 
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