• Middle School 

    Intermediate IF Institute: Building on the success of and continuing the challenging activities of the Elementary IF Institute, Intermediate IF further connects students with university education majors and their instructors through a partnership with East Stroudsburg University. On a monthly basis, students are transported to East Stroudsburg University or other facilities directly from their home school. At the University students will participate in activities and differentiated programming designed by the University and directed by the gifted support staff. Students pack and eat lunch at the University. Students are returned to their home school in time to participate in afterschool activities. Students, while responsible for any missed schoolwork, are granted extra time in order to complete that work. Gifted students have the right to participate in all Gifted activities without penalty. Students are required to write a reflection piece on each IF session they attend.


    Media Design Club: Since 1999, JT. Lambert Intermediate School has offered an advanced elective to its 7th and 8th-grade students. Webpage design class has been at the forefront of various types of technology for more than a decade. The class of 34 designs websites, participates in competitions, creates graphic designs and Flash animations, and also creates a variety of media including movies and music. The class competes at the annual Pennsylvania Middle School Regional Computer Fair and each year, students have earned the right to continue on to the State level of competition by placing first at regionals.

    Cast members of Good morning JTL: Good Morning JTL began March 2004 as a way to get information to the 1100 student population in the building. With a cast of fifteen, Mr. Toth, the computer teacher, had students do a live broadcast basing the script on messages from teachers about different school events. Since 2004, the show has grown to a daily 10-15 minute broadcast of school news, world events, promotion of school-related events, and weather. The cast of twenty is broken down into four core groups. Each group works in the studio for one week, rotating between the broadcasting, cameras, teleprompter, and directors jobs.

    National Junior Honor Society: The National Junior Honor Society is an organization that creates enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulates a desire to render service, promote leadership, develop character, and to encourage good citizenship in the students of JT. Lambert Intermediate School. Members are selected based on academic criteria and are required to participate in various community service activities during their membership.

    Reading Olympics: JT. Lambert Intermediate has 2 teams competing in the Reading Olympics competition. The teams travel to Easton High School and answer questions from books on a reading list of approximately 30 books. There are 20 questions asked per round and there are three rounds. In the end, the points are tallied up to determine a winning team.

    Builders Club: The Builders Club at JT. Lambert Intermediate School is a service oriented club involving 27- 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students. The Builders Club is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and is the bridge between K-Kids at the elementary level and the Key Club at the high school level.