Submitting Content to the Website

  • One of the primary goals of our website has always been to showcase student activities and achievements. Our site is now better equipped then ever to do so.
    All submissions should be made to
    On our old website, we posted photos in the slideshow, which provided a place for your picture, and a medium sized caption. On our new site, we have two new ways to post your content:

    New Slideshow

    The new slideshow is geared toward highlighting fun action shots of students and staff. There is only room for one or two very brief sentences. Your picture should really do most of the talking here. If you can't fit all you have to say into this short form, you should go with the next option...

    Headlines & Features

    This new section of the site has room for a long-form news article writeup. In fact, you're encouraged to provide several paragraphs of details here. Showcasing the impressive achievements of your students is probably best suited for this section.

    General Photo Guidelines

    Here are some general guidelines on submitting photos, whether for the slideshow or headlines & features:


    • take your photos in landscape (wide) format. The new slideshow does not accommodate portrait (tall) photos very well.
    • ensure that no students are making hand gestures of any sort. 
    • ensure that everyone appearing in the photo has signed a consent form for their picture to appear on the ESASD website.
    • turn off the date/time stamp feature on your camera
    • save your photos in .jpg format. Photos in .gif or .bmp format will not be accepted.
    • try to submit your single best photo, rather than a batch.
    • proofread your caption or article for proper grammar and spelling

    Do not:

    • stretch, resize, or crop photos. Ideal photos are ones that are pulled right from a digital camera and sent in.
    • superimpose text, logos, or any other graphics over your photos.
    • submit blurry photos
    • include student last names in captions. Names should be typed as "John S., Sally P.," etc.

    Also note that in addition to the district slideshow and headlines & features, you can submit these items to your building homepage as well! Contact your building secretary or designee with these submissions.

    Promoting Events:

    Lastly, sometimes you have an event to advertise. These should always be created in your department calendar. You may then promote the calendar event to the building level, and if it is a big event, they can also promote it to the district calendar. If you do not have a department calendar, one can be added to your page, or you can submit to the building level.