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    Students found eligible for special education are provided a free, appropriate public education and are entitled to receive specialized instruction, which could include modifications to the content of the regular education curriculum, or modifications in the manner in which the curriculum is provided. For example, for severely involved children, this can mean the teaching of basic living skills such as toileting, dressing and feeding, that other children bring with them to school. Other students may need the regular education curriculum adapted or modified in its approach in order to take into account varied learning needs.

    Eligible students are also entitled to the related services necessary for them to benefit from their instructional program. Related services can include transportation to and from school, as well as such developmental, corrective and other supportive services as may be needed by the student. Included also are physical, occupational and speech therapy, as well as supports such as counseling, health services, and specialized physical education. Additional personnel, as deemed appropriate, may also be part of a student's program.

    The School District emphasizes a team approach to the education of all students, regardless of need. Should a parent/guardian have a concern regarding the education of a student with a disability, he/she is encouraged to meet with the team of individuals involved in the education of his/her child in order to answer any questions and/or resolve any areas of concern or dispute. Formal due process hearing procedures can also be used to resolve disputes between the family and school officials regarding the evaluation, program or placement of the student.

    For more information, please contact the East Stroudsburg Area School District's
    Special Education Office at (570) 424-8500 extension 10701

    CLICK HERE for a Calendar of Parent/Staff Informational Trainings on Special Education Topics