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    Considering cyber schooling?

    Dear Parents and/or Guardians of our East Stroudsburg students,

    The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on our educational system, as well as our community, state, and nation.  Many of you are likely concerned about your students returning to school in the upcoming fall and are considering continuing your student’s learning virtually.  This is understandable.  (Please note that our district leadership is also aware of your concerns and are currently planning to make that return safe for everyone.) It is also understandable that you may be considering having your student continue to learn through our online program now that you and your student have had some experience with this method of learning.   Whatever your situation may be, the following information is meant to help you with that decision.  

    First, any student within the district is eligible to apply to our online learning program, the East Stroudsburg Area Cyber Academy (ESACA).  Students who are accepted and participate in the ESACA program are eligible for all the opportunities and benefits that come with being a student in our district.  This means that sports, clubs, field trips, and more, can be a part of every cyber student’s educational experience.  

    Secondly, we pride ourselves in the ability to transition students quickly and seamlessly back to their brick and mortar schools should they desire.  This means that students can transfer back to their regular school at any time, making our cyber program an option for parents who may not wish to start their student in the building in the fall, but rather wait a little longer to enter the classrooms.  

    Third, placing your student into our district program will keep valuable tax dollars within our district.  Keeping your tax dollars in our district keeps our community strong and employed.  

    Lastly, ESACA students earn the same ESASD diploma as every other district student earns. 

    Over the past two years, our blended cyber program has had unprecedented success with 85% of our courses being passed by our students.  In addition, we graduated 100% of our seniors class of 2019!  I hope if you decide to enroll your student into a cyber program, whether it is for elementary, intermediate, or high school students, that you select ESACA.  Please view the appropriate video(s) below to gain a clear understanding of our program requirements that have led to our continued student success. 

    Stay safe………...give space.

    Kind Regards,

    Ms. Renée Stevens ~ Principal of ESACA

    "An educational system isn't worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn't teach them how to make a life." - Author Unknown