Elementary Guidance


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     East Stroudsburg Area School District Guidance Department Mission Statement

    The comprehensive school counseling program of the East Stroudsburg Area School District facilitates the academic, career, personal, and social growth, development and actualization of each student. This is accomplished through the recognition, appreciation, and acceptance of individual and cultural differences, while striving to develop a global perspective. Emphasis is placed upon career awareness and post secondary educational opportunities for all students K-12. Services are delivered through the following: classroom guidance, individual sessions, group counseling, and consultation with parents, students, and faculty/staff, and community members. 

    What is the Role of the School Counselor?

    Works with individuals and groups
    Helps identify needs of students
    Encourages better interpersonal relationships
    Promotes positive attitudes and choices
    Collaborates with teachers and parents 
    Assists people in making use of community resources
    Provides referrals to outside agencies
    Coordinates special education referrals and processing
    Provides preventative programs

    School Counseling Services

    Classroom Guidance  
       The School Counselor will visit classrooms throughout the year providing lessons that are developmentally appropriate for each grade level and preventative in nature. The goal is to promote and enhance student learning by helping students develop self-knowledge, coping skills, effective communication skills, and problem solving. Topics covered are bullying prevention, social skills training, and career awareness.  
    Individual Counseling 
       The School Counselor works with students individually for many reasons such as: changing families, friendship issues, stress and anxiety, and problem solving. The school counselor is also available to meet with students who have recently experienced a crisis. The school counselor can also provide outside referral resources. 
    Small Group Counseling  
       Needs based groups can be formed on a variety of topics. Small groups normally meet on a weekly/per cycle basis for about 4-8 sessions. Typical topics include, but are not limited to: grief/loss, divorce/separation, friendship/social skills. The school counselor will collaborate with the Project FAME social worker to determine appropriate groups based on student needs. 
    Parent Consultation
       Parents can contact the school counselor at anytime to discuss concerns related to their child and/or request that the counselor meet with their child.