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    East Stroudsburg High School  South Girls Soccer

    Team Goals and Expectations


    To the members of the Cavaliers Girls Soccer Team and parents:

    A winning tradition comes from hard work, dedication and commitment by the coaching staff, players and parents.  Our team has high goals and expectations for this year. Team policies and expectations are necessary for us to be successful.

    Below is the list of our team goals and expectations:

    • Representing the E.S. South Girls Soccer Team is an honor and a privilege.  At all times on and off the field you should conduct yourselves in an appropriate and mature manner.  
    • Players will conduct themselves with class and dignity, treat teammates, administrators, opponents and officials respectfully and display excellent sportsmanship.
    • Being a member of this team means making a commitment to the program.  You will be responsible for managing your time to meet all of your other obligations.
    • Student athletes should abide by the rules set forth during the school day.  Deviation from these rules (detention, suspension, etc.) will lead to disciplinary actions and/or dismissal from the team.
    • Attendance is mandatory for all practices, games, meetings and team functions. club practices, vacations, too much homework are unexcused absences. An unexcused absence can result in that a player may not be permitted to play the next game.  If you are absent from school your parent/guardian must notify the appropriate coach by e-mail before noon.

    Coach Louis Carbajal (Head Varsity Coach):  

    Email: louis-carbajal@esasd.net

    Assistant Coach: Caitlin Corrigan

    Email: caitlinmae013@gmail.com


    • Excused absences are: academic related school functions, religious commitments, medical notes, death in the family and legal reasons.
    • At all times, players should be prepared (clothing, shin guards, sneakers, cleats, etc.) to practice indoors and/or outdoors.
    • Players are responsible for notifying the coaching staff by DATE of any extended absences or obligations during the season.  Failure to notify the coaching staff can result in loss of playing time.
    • All players are to be on the field and all equipment will be set up before the scheduled starting time of practice and games.  Players should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled practice.  Each player on the team is responsible for their own personal equipment.
    • All players are responsible for their academic performance.  Any student-athlete needing extra help may stay after school providing they contact coach during the day and be at practice afterwards with a note/pass.
    • Good communication between coaches, players, teammates and parents is essential in having a successful program. Coaches, players and parents will keep an open line of communication to avoid any misinterpretations.  Any concerns a player may have should be addressed directly to the coach at an appropriate time. All meetings need to be scheduled at the convenience of the coach.
    • Players are responsible for traveling to and from each game with the team, and being seated on the bus at the scheduled departure time.  
    • All players are required to remain at the games and practices until the coaching staff dismisses the team.
    • During school-related functions, if players are seen or caught in possession of tobacco (smoke or smokeless), alcohol, controlled substances and/or fighting, they will be dealt with according to school policies plus coach’s disciplinary action, i.e. suspension or dismissal.
    • Respect all managers and trainers.  They are an important part of our team.
    • In our program everyone is important and has a role to play and is expected to do their job with pride and from the heart.
    • Practices will start at 3:00pm sharp on school days. Lateness will not be tolerated,  please notify the coach if more time for activities are required.  All equipment must be carried out and brought back in by EVERY player on the team.
    • We practice and train to win every game that we play; however, we do not operate at “win at all cost”.
    • Playing time is based on a number of factors at the coach’s discretion, but the most weighted of these is how players perform in practice, attitude, coachability, and skill. As coaches, we get to see these students EVERYDAY. They EARN the right to play; it is not handed out based on personalities, time served, or parental influence.
    • Players are responsible for their uniform cleanliness, tidiness and bringing all parts to each game.  You are responsible for turning in all parts of your uniform at the end of the season.
    • Players will be responsible for wearing uniform parts and designated team attire on game days.
    • MAKE GOOD CHOICES: The choices you make affect your teammates!  You are expected to give 100% during every practice. Going above what you feel you can give is the only way of building a successful program.  ALL players should come to practices/games with an open mind and positive attitude.  Bring your BEST EVERYDAY…NO REGRETS!!! HAVE FUN ☺




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