Principal's Corner

  • Dear Families and Visitors,

    I am very proud of the Resica Elementary staff, students and parents. On a daily basis they demonstrate that the key to a successful, well-rounded education is being a team player. While our staff understands the importance of collaboration, they realize that equally important is providing opportunities for students to utilize their individual strengths and develop areas of need. In addition to establishing and maintaining building level relationships with our parents and immediate community, we have also established strong ties with East Stroudsburg University.  Through their Professional Development School partnership we have actively worked to provide unique, purposeful and quality training to pre-service teachers.

    The arts are and have always been an essential component to instruction at Resica. Our staff views the arts as motivational tools and instruments through which they are able to broaden children's understanding, skill, and knowledge. Through the integration of arts and technology, our teachers strive to enhance each student's problem-solving skills and engage students in creative thinking. It is our mission to provide a host of artistic experiences in order to address the diverse learning needs of all students, while striving to exceed our state's high academic standard.

    Essential to the overall success of our students is their desire to appreciate and respect all individuals in our building and community. It is through our ongoing dedication to honoring positive behavior and choices that our children grow to recognize the everlasting impact that random acts of kindness have on our society.

    Thank you for taking the time to peruse our school. On behalf of Resica Elementary School, we thank you for your continued support of our children and programs.


    Gail Kulick