Prepare for life by choosing to . . .. 
       Respect others   
           Invest in learning
                Demonstrate responsibility
                     Encourage and help others

    In the beginning of the year, students will all experience lessons on what our expectations are at JTL.  Students will learn what behaviors are acceptable in classrooms, cafeteria, hallway, restrooms, etc.  This will ensure that all students know what our expectations.
    When students demonstrate any behaviors that fit our PRIDE motto, they will earn PRIDE Points.  They may then turn in their PRIDE Points for special privileges within the school: fast pass in the cafeteria, end of the day announcer and so many more.  These privileges are assigned a specific Point Amount.  At least once a month, students will go the POINT during lunch to turn in these Points.  
    Monthly, the Administrators will pull two students name from the PRIDE Points that have been spent.  These two students will earn a gift card to a local merchant.  
    PRIDE Points will replace Purple Points and the 6th Grade Team Cards.  This will be a great program that motivates students to follow the correct behaviors and reward students for meeting our expectations.