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    What is Studio Broadcast?
    Studio Broadcasting is a school course that only a select amount of people get to do. There is only 2 classes a year. The people who take the class learn how to make a broadcast and then they make their own to have the whole school watch it from their classrooms. They all switch roles in the studio. They switch between camera switcher, anchor, and scriptwriter. They also make their own commercials about things that are happening in school or around the world.
    South Side Live  
    Who is currently on the Studio Broadcasting Team?
    • Nikolay Atanassov
    • Leah DeVito
    • Patrick Duffy
    • Jules Gindraux

    • Emma Lambert

    • Elissa Liquori

    • Bailey McCue

    • Malachi McNeill

    • Kelsey Pabon

    • Jason Pagan

    • Courtney Pugh

    • Christopher Schmitt

    • Olivia Warner

    • Theodis Winslett

    • Matthew Yaswinksi

    What goes into making one episode?
    They set up an email for teachers to send information to make commercials. They make scripts and work on movies to make the videos that play on the broadcast.
    How does it work?
    It works like an actual news station to a certain extent. They all are working at the same time to allow the broadcast to run smoothly. They get into their positions and the anchors get their scripts and put on their microphones and the camera switchers make sure the cameras are on and working. 
    Here is an example of a broadcast:
     A view from the inside of the studio.
    The Studio