Workplace Safety

  • Workplace Safety

    All of us at the East Stroudsburg Area School District share a common interest in the continued success of all district operations by maintaining a safe school and work environment for all employees.  Accidents can result in injury to district employees and/or students, damage to equipment, and disruption of district operations. However, by using good judgment, slowing down and taking the time to follow all safety procedures can prevent most accidents.

    Reduction of accidents in district operations is only possible through an employee and a management/leadership team effort.  The Safety Committee, works with all employees at all levels to do everything possible to provide a safe working and learning environment. Likewise, we request that all employees do everything possible not to create conditions that can result in injury to themselves, fellow employees, students, or visitors. 

    For your safety, do not hesitate to ask your immediate supervisor about any part of your work that may seem too hazardous or unfamiliar. Where specific safe work procedures apply, follow them. If you are not sure of the safe way to do the job, ask for help. It is only through the joint efforts of all district employees that accidents can be prevented.

    If you would like to report a workplace safety concern, please contact your building principal and/or immediate supervisor if the situation needs immediate attention, click on the "Submit a Hazard Correction Tip" on the left and/or email the ESASD Safety Committee at: