• Media Design Class

    In 1999, the Lambert Intermediate School began offering an advanced elective to it's 7th and 8th grade students. Webpage design class was at the forefront of various types of technology for more than a decade. The class of 34 designed websites, participated in competitions, createsd graphic designs and Flash animations, and also created a variety of media including movies and music. Over the years the class has been updated and has spread out the types of media that are taught.
    The instructor for the class is Mr. Terry Toth who has taught computer technology classes in the district since 1993. He developed this course of study with then principal, Mrs. Baughman. Originally, students created and updated our school's website, but when the district switched webpage providers, students were no longer able to do the same job so they switched to creating more media for our school. Mr. Toth still frequently updates our school's web site with information about what goes on at school. This way the entire community gets to see the great things we do here at JTL, the student work is frequently demonstrated at public functions for our community.
    In 2006, the class began competing at the annual Pennsylvania Middle School Regional Computer Fair and each year, students have earned the right to continue on to the State level of competition by placing first at regionals. JTL has been awarded more awards than any othe school in the state due to rigorous instruction and student dedication.
    In 2016 the Media Design class began to participate in the What’s So Cool About Manufacturing video competition. Each year they have competed in this competition, they have won a major production award including best videography and best overall video.  

    The students in this class are selected through a rigorous process each April right before scheduling starts at JTL. Mr. Toth looks for interested students to sign up, and then he talks to each academic team about the work ethic and student progress based on PSSA and other data driven information. Starting inn 2018, the class will ONLY be offered to 8th grade students and there will be two classes that both run for 180 days each. This will allow the implementation of a new curriculum during the 4th quarter from Project Lead The Way called Programmng for Inovators and Makers. This course will include programming basics in a new STEM based class.
    In addition to the robust curriculum taught in this elective class, the class takes a trip to see some type of media type venue in New York City or Washington DC. These trips give students an opportunity to see quality media designs done by professionals and possibly one day find inspiration in becoming a designer of media as a career.