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    Posted by Kimberly Flickinger at 5/22/2015 6:00:00 AM
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  • Sometimes Life is Tough

    Posted by Kimberly Flickinger at 5/2/2015 3:00:00 AM

    This week has been tough.  On Wednesday afternoon I received a message that my son’s friend passed away from a brain tumor.  The disease moved rapidly.  He was 8 years old. When I moved to this area in October, I came alone.  My family joined me in December, so I suppose I wasn’t really in “the know,” and while death is difficult to accept, even when know it is coming, I selfishly feel I didn’t have time to process this event.  My son visited another friend from that area last Saturday, and on Monday he told me that his other friend (sorry I am keeping names anonymous) had a concussion.  My husband later shared that it was a tumor.  Two days later I had to sit down and explain that to my son. 

    So why share this?  Moments like this remind me that we all have issues with which we must deal.  99% of the time I can leave what pains my heart at the door.  But sometimes, sometimes the pain is just so real and deep that it finds its way to that spot in our throat where we know the tears are inevitable.  Recently I read some essays that started “if my teachers knew…” and I was floored by the raw honesty that vulnerable teens were willing to share.  Wouldn’t it be nice if every morning we could make a brief announcement: “I’m having a horrible morning, or today is stress-free?  Feel free to talk to me”?    

    Difficult times in life do not, I repeat DO NOT excuse poor choices, disrespectful behavior, or hurting others’ feelings.  However, it might suggest that we could perhaps be a little more sensitive towards others, especially strangers, since we don’t always know what weighs heavy on their souls. 

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  • Spring? Are you out there?

    Posted by Kimberly Flickinger at 3/31/2015 4:00:00 AM
    Am I the only one with cabin fever?  Seems like we've been battling cold weather since November and quite frankly, I'm ready for sunshine and warm weather!   During the winter months, I dream about going outside in shorts and flip-flops.  But honestly, living in "misery" is a choice and really about personal perspective.  Instead of complaining about the cold weather, something I cannot control, I could step out of my comfort zone and try embracing the situation with a positive attitude.  I have always wanted to try snowboarding - yet I haven't taken the initiative to make it happen.  Perhaps I'm a little late this year - although the weather man says today we could get 1-4 inches of snow! 
    What do you do to make an undesired situation a positive experience?  Share your thoughts!  
    P.S - Anyone want to set up a 2016 "teach Mrs. Flick how to snowboard?"   Snow
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  • Pay It Forward....

    Posted by Kimberly Flickinger at 3/16/2015 7:00:00 PM
    Do you hold the door for students entering class after you?  If someone forgets lunch money, do you offer to pay and refuse to take the "pay back?"  Have you ever surprised someone behind you at McDonald's by paying for their order?  Share how you do good for others, simply because the feeling of "giving" far outweighs "receiving."  Sometimes I wonder what the North campus would look like if every person strived to do one random act of kindness a month, a week, a day!  
    Challenge:  make an intentional effort to complete one random act of kindness.  Watch the reaction of the receiver and share your experience here.  I look forward to hearing your stories.  
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  • Who Are You When Nobody is Watching?

    Posted by Kimberly Flickinger at 2/24/2015 10:00:00 AM
    Confucius said, “Respect yourself and others will respect you.”  What does "respect" mean to you?  To me, "respect" means not only how I treat others, but also how I treat myself.  If you do not respect yourself, then how will others respect you? It is that simple. One of my favorite quotes is "character is who you are when no one is watching."  Think about it.  It's easy to follow rules and do what's right when someone can see you, but what about when the person watching you is YOU?  That is the ultimate test of self-respect. It's like when you're eating a candy bar and have the choice to either throw the wrapper on the ground or look for a trashcan. If nobody sees you throw it on the ground, then what does it matter? Share your thoughts. What does respect mean to you?    
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  • 2nd Semester: 2nd Chance

    Posted by Kimberly Flickinger at 2/5/2015
    Every December 31, I find myself pondering the up and coming changes that I WILL embrace in the new year.  Jittery with excitement, I think about leaving behind the ugly habits that possibly held me back from reaching my full potential and conquering my goals. A fan of working out and running, I tell myself that I'll wake up everyday and get in a 25 minute exercise session before work. I make a journal to document my progress and rummage through my kitchen, tossing the unhealthy treats that I had inhaled since Thanksgiving.  I set BIGGER goals and type and delete about 100 Facebook posts, waiting for the right moment to share my resolution.  Should I actually put it in print?  What if I don't follow through? And EVERY year, right around the middle of January, I find myself slipping into my old ways.  
    Sound familiar?  Setting goals and choosing to change is a lot easier said than done.  And honestly, sometimes facing that change alone makes it even more challenging.  So what can we do to reach the success that lies within each of us?  
    One strategy  is to set small, obtainable goals.  For example, I LOVE junk food and to say that I am going to eliminate it from my diet is only setting myself up for failure.  Instead, I might challenge myself to having a smaller piece of cake or 1 cookie instead of 2 (ok more like 2 cookies instead of the box of Girl Scout Thin Mints...don't even bring those suckers near me.)  
    Setting smaller goals allows us to experience what accomplishment feels like, and let's face it, until we know that feeling, we might not even realize what we are missing.  The same applies with school.  Think about what is holding you back from being your very best?  Studying habits ? Poor choices with behavior?  Attendance?  No one can change in a day, nor would anyone expect that.  But if you're looking for success, if you're looking for a way to rise above where you've always been, now is the time to start.  
    Your best resource might be a family member; they see you daily and can help with accountability.  You might also work with a friend who wants to see you reach your goals.  If you are still in school, reach out to a teacher, guidance counselor or administrator.
    For me, in the school setting, I have always enjoyed the first day of school and the change of the semester because it always feels like a fresh start. It's a time to get better grades or work to build a new reputation,  Students, you have an opportunity to start over: a chance to walk in with a blank notebook and set a tone that will help you reach your goals.  Take it one day at a time, set small goals.  
    I would love to hear your goals!  Please comment and share your goals, strategies you use to reach your goals, and advice for those who may be struggling!   
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