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    High School Student Assistance Team Members

    Mr. Brenneman Principal
    Mrs. Parrish Assistant Principal
    Mrs. Soskil SAP Coordinator/Teacher
    Mr. Falbo MTSS Coach 
    Mrs. Arnold School Counselor
    Mrs. Neyhart Nurse
    Mrs. Tucker Carbon Monroe Pike Youth Prevention Specialist
    Ms. Erin Stroyan Carbon Monroe Pike Mental Health and Developmental Specialist
    Contacting the SAFE Team:
    If you feel that your child may need help, call the school and ask to speak with a SAFE team member or your child's counselor. Someone will be there to help you.
    279 Timberwolf Drive
    Dingman's Ferry, PA 18327
    Phone: (570) 588-4420 x2480
    Fax: (570) 588-4319
    Email: Please email the appropriate counselor or Mrs. Soskil at lori-soskil@esasd.net
    SAFE has also prepared a Brochure to provide information about the program.
    It’s that time of year again!

    While we think of spring as a time filled with celebratory occasions such as prom and graduation; communities are sometimes faced with tragedy in the wake of these events. Our hope is that these resources can be utilized and open the lines of communication between our students and their parent/guardians about drug and alcohol use before such occasions are upon us and throughout the school year. It’s never too early to start talking to our teens.
    Some websites that are useful:
    http://www.pikepahelp.org to access their Community Service Directory.
    http://www.co.monroe.pa.us to access their Community Service Directory.
    Some pamphlets provided: