Board Meeting Code of Conduct

  • East Stroudsburg Area School District's Board of Education and school staff welcome your attendance at its meetings.

    The School Board is entrusted with a great responsibility by the State Legislature to operate the public schools of the District. The School Board adopts policies and regulations for the operations of the schools and must approve all school district employees. The School Board establishes taxes and approves expenditures through its adoption of an annual budget. The powers of the School Board include executive, legislative, and judicial functions.

    All meetings of the East Stroudsburg Area School District are, by law, open to the public. A single exception to this is when the Board meets in EXECUTIVE SESSION to consider collective bargaining negotiations, personnel considerations, confidential student matters, items involving real estate property and legal issues.

    If you have a problem or if you wish to address the School Board...

    First, please consider whether your problem deserves the attention of the entire School Board, administrative staff members, and the assembled public. A contact to a school administrator can usually satisfy your concern.

    Appeals to the School Board are appropriate if the Superintendent has been unable to resolve the problem.

    Public participation is invited early in the meeting. Comments about agenda items or matters that the School Board may consider are limited to approximately three minutes.

    The Public Participation segment of the meeting is for citizen comments - not for question-answer discussion or debate. The School Board is not obligated to respond, comment or vote on issues arising from public participation. Groups should identify a single spokesperson so that repetition is avoided. Visitors are to state their name and organization, if any.

    The School Board President is responsible for the orderly and efficient conduct of the meeting and will rule on the time and suitability of presentations to the School Board.

    The School Board desires orderly meetings so that it can complete its important business. The School Board also encourages public participation and will be attentive to your concerns and opinions.

    The meeting is conducted in accordance with parliamentary procedure. The School Board President calls the meeting to order and the following sequence usually occurs as the School Board members follow a printed agenda:

    Call to Order 
    Pledge of Allegiance 
    Roll Call 
    Introductions of Guests 
    Approval of Minutes and Agenda 
    Announcement of Executive Session 
    Superintendent's Report 
    Public Participation 
    Student Items 
    Fiscal Items