Board Members

  • Lisa VanWhy (2019)

    George Andrews (2021)
    Vice President

    Larry Dymond (2021)

    Jason Gullstrand (2019)

    Robert Huffman (2019)

    Keith Karkut (2019)

    Debbie Kulick (2019)

    Wayne Rohner (2019)

    Richard Schlameuss (2021)

    Patricia Rosado - Board Secretary

Board Committees

    Finance Committee
    Rich Schlameuss - Chairperson
    George Andrews
    Larry Dymond
    Jason Gullstrand
    Policy Review Committee
    Robert Huffman - Chairperson
    George Andrews
    Wayne Rohner
    Richard Schlameuss

    Property/Facilities Committee
    Wayne Rohner - Chairperson
    George Andrews
    Larry Dymond
    Keith Karkut

    Negotiation Committee - Professional Staff
    To Be Determined 

    Negotiation Committee - Support Staff
    Debbie Kulick 
    Rich Schlameuss
    Keith Karkut

    Meet & Discuss Committee - Act 93
    Larry Dymond 
    Jason Gullstrand
    Robert Huffman
    Keith Karkut 

    Meet & Discuss Committee - Administrative Assistants, First Level Supervisors & School Police
    Keith Karkut 
    Debbie Kulick
    Lisa VanWhy
    Richard Schlameuss

    PSBA Liaison
    Wayne Rohner (Term Ends 12/2019)

    Colonial IU 20 Board
    Robert Huffman (Term Ends 06/30/22)

    MCTI - JOC Members
    Larry Dymond (Term Ends 12/2019)
    Robert Huffman (Term Ends 12/2020)
    Lisa VanWhy (Term Ends 12/2021)
    Alternates:  George Andrews & Keith Karkut (Term Ends 12/2019)