• Welcome to the home of the T-Wolves, North's esports team and video game club. We believe in the power of games to convey stories, entertain us, and offer great competetion. 

    Logo/Mascot  We are looking forward to the 2021-2022 seasons and registration is under way soon. This fall season we're hoping to have teams for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, FIFA 21, NBA2K21 & 22, Chess, Valorant, Minecraft Survival, and of course Rocket League. 

    All of these games are either for PS4, PS5, Switch, or PC. Due to Covid and the nature of esports, both the Fall and Spring season will be from home or remote instead of actually in building. 

    We're not just about comepetions though, we have a club component where we meet for friendly games, to talk games, to create art, stream, podcast, and even cook/bake things related to games. If you love video games we invite you to join our community! 


  • How much does it cost to join the competition teams?

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    That depends on the game and the league. For HSEL it will be about $40/season. If you just wish to play in the Fall OR Sping season it will be $40/person. If you wish to play in both it's $80/year but the cost can go down depending on how many players/teams we have. 


    If you're one of our PlayVs. teams, it's about $44/season right now. Again the price goes down depending on how many players/teams we have. 

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  • How often do I have a competitive match?

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    You only play a competition match once a week on a specific day. For example you might play FIFA on a Monday at 5:00 PM. 


    Playoffs are the only time it changes and you might have two matches a week at that point. 

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  • What games do we play?

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    We will have teams for the following games for Fall season:

    *Ultimate Smash Bros (trios)

    *FIFA 21 (solo or trios)

    *Madden 21 (solo or trios)

    *Rocket League



    *Minecraft Survival


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