Esports and Video Game Club
  • Esports and Video Game Club has two aspects: the competition part and the club part. We usually compete in Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and Valorant, but have room for other games. We compete under the PIEA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Esports Association) and Emerald Esports. Our goal is to create a community environment for students who love all aspects of video games, from playing games to the art of games, creation of games, and all the fun surrounding them. We pride ourselves on our openness and inclusivity. No matter what game you play, you're a gamer. We also work to showcase all aspects of potential future jobs involved with gaming and what gaming can teach us about life, teamwork, and creative thinking. We show there's way more to gaming than people think, including event planning, journalism, shout casting, streaming, art, fashion, and competition.