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    Welcome to the Good Morning JTL Page
    Good Morning JTL began March 2004 as a way to get information to the 1100 student population in the building. With a cast of fifteen, Mr. Toth, the computer teacher, had students do a live broadcast basing the script on messages from teachers about different school events. Since 2004, the show has grown to a daily 10-15 minute broadcast of school news, world events, promotion of school related events, and weather. The cast of twenty is broken down into four core groups. Each group works the studio for one week, rotating between the broadcasting, cameras, teleprompter, and directors jobs.

    Mr. Toth begins his day at 6:15AM, when he arrives at JTL. He does a preliminary script for the students with emails he received over the past 23 hours. He also works on weather updates and pulls the necessary weather maps before students start arriving at 6:40AM. As the cast arrives, the students update incoming announcements, and begin writing opening introductions to make the show fun and interesting. The cast is mic'ed up and in full rehearsal by 7AM. They go through the broadcast at least twice to make sure all names, of students and teachers are pronounced properly. Corrections are made to the script and lines are re-written based on input from the broadcasters. Camera angles are discussed and all special guests are run through the fast paced show before they go live at 7:30AM. At 7:30AM, the cast is on high alert for anything that might potentially go wrong. They are intense, and ready to give an energetic broadcast. We start with a student written opening, and then show an introduction clip for the show. We do the pledge of allegiance, and then cut right to school related news.
    Special guests go on at various times throughout the month. Many of our segments are tied into character words of the month and we always invite the JTL administrative team on the broadcast when they have special announcements to make like students of the month. Frequent guests include administrators, faculty, and community members.
    There were two major events that are talked about when it comes to GMJTL. The first was the 1500th broadcast, a thirty minute episode, which aired on Friday, May 24th, 2013. It involved the entire cast, former cast members, administrators, and a special movie created for the event. The second big event also occurring in 2013 was the final broadcast on the last day of school. All of the teachers retiring were featured in the broadcast. It was one of the most entertaining broadcasts of the year, and the faculty followed the direction of the GMJTL students and did a flawless job on their final day of their careers! We hit the 2000th episode in May of 2015 with a celebration of former cast members, some tuning in via Skype to talk about their experiences in GMJTL.
    Doing the broadcast is just part of this experience for the twenty students involved in this activity. Mr. Toth takes the cast to WNEP in Scranton to show them a real newsroom in action with a former JTL student who now works for WNEP, Mr. Kevin Fonash. In the fall, he also takes students to meet with the production team New York based shows. During this trip, the students also go to Rockefeller Plaza to visit the NBC Today Show, and to NBC Studio Tour. The group always makes plans on shooting a new show intro with New York City as the backdrop. In the spring, students go with Mr. Toth to New York City again to visit a variety of different sites such as Central Park Zoo, The New York International Auto Show, and various museums. In addition to these stops, the cast also is treated to a Broadway show. This trip will give students an idea of how video and media can be used in marketing. This group of students has also gone to see the Iron Pigs play a professional baseball game in Allentown. This trip allows the students to see how media is injected into sporting events and the vibe at Coca-Cola Park is perfect for these students to see a baseball game and participate in various activities at the game. 

    Over the years that GMJTL has existed, the one thing Mr. Toth has found is that the cast becomes like a big family. The casts learn how to work together to do an excellent broadcast. Not every broadcast is flawless, but it is a constant performance goal that everyone has to perform these different job functions as flawlessly as possible. It takes team work and determination to do this, and the cast learns to help each other out to make each moment they spend together, a special one. The hard work and dedication has paid off. With more than 10 years of broadcasts completed to date, the show continues to evolve as new ideas and technology are added to the TV studio. This continues to be a shining example of how great students work together to give back to their community. They promote all activities within our school, and are spokespersons for parents who watch the broadcast online. They represent the best our school has to offer. 

    The TV studio is located in the back of the library and is accessed through room 225, Mr. Toth's computer lab. The broadcasts are digitally recorded and then posted on our school's website so the public can view our daily news broadcast here
    If you are interested in auditioning for Good Morning JTL, audition sign ups are held in mid April with auditions usually the first and second week of May. Sign up information will be posted outside of Mr. Toth's room where students can pick it up. Announcements are made and the information packet contains a rundown of everything that happens at the audition.