Principal's Corner

     Happy September JTL Families!

    What an exciting time to be a learner! Never before have we or our students had access to so many resources for learning things that interest us, things that stretch us, things that trigger our imaginations, things that help us solve our problems. 

    pink belt
    Just last weekend, I accessed YouTube, entered “How do I fix my leaking Maytag Freezer?”, watched a video and had a grin of triumph on my face by the time my husband walked in after mowing the lawn! I won’t be going into the repair business for myself any time soon, but it was great to feel that I could solve a problem on “my own”. 
    change world
    As the world changes around us, wise educators reflectively ask themselves how these shifts affect our studentsour curriculum, our teaching practices and it has become abundantly clear that individual digital tools are now essential for students to be the independent thinkers and learners we desire them to be. To that end, we will be distributing individual Chromebook laptops for student use this year and are excited to share the details with you!
    During the first quarter, we will have the students pick up and drop off their laptops each day in homeroom as they learn to be responsible and socially appropriate with this device. It is our expectation that our students will quickly assimilate to this practice and be ready by second quarter to take their device home with them. 
    Beginning next week, we will meet with each homeroom to talk to students about all of the awesome ways in which a laptop can create an open door for them – open doors to take risks, to learn about issues, to give leeway to their imagination, to answer questions, to connect with experts on different subjects….the list is endless! 
    care Given all of the possibilities and the fact that this tool is such a precious resource, we will work to instill in them the need for their full attention in being responsible for this device, from its care, to its transportation to its use.  Thank you for joining with us in helping them understand how to take care of this new tool.
     A Few Things You’ll Want To Write Down

    In order to be able to use this device, every student will need to return their signed copy of the CIS form handed out on the first day of school.  Please be sure to return this form to us by Friday, September 9.


    Here are some details about the 1st quarter. 


    • Students will pick up their device in homeroom and they will keep it with them for the remainder of the day except for gym classes. They will return it to homeroom at the end of the day.
      • Students arriving late to school will provide their homeroom number to the front desk receptionist and security will be dispatched to their homeroom to pick up their device
      • Students leaving early from school must turn in their laptop to the front desk receptionist upon signing out
    • Students will be provided with a pair of headphones that are theirs to keep. Students are welcome to use their own instead of the school-provided pair, but they must be in-ear headphones, they may NOT be the over-the-ear type that are big and bulky. We still want them to be able to hear the teacher : ) 
    • Math teachers will have a stylus for the use of each student in their classrooms. Students are welcome to purchase their own if they would like.
    • Laptop cases with a JTL luggage tag will be provided for each student once they begin to take them home in the future. In the meantime, families are welcome to buy their own case if desired, but cases must:

    o   have a handle or somewhere to affix the JTL luggage tag on the outside of the case

    o   have a pocket to stow the headphones

    We hope you share our excitement at the many lessons the use of these devices will teach our students this year, helping them develop strong positive character traits such as responsibility, respect for others’ opinions, pride in the products they can create.

     Did you see our three vision statements woven into this letter?  We will continue to let our vision direct our decisions as we work together for the success of every JTL student. We can’t wait to see who they will become!
    Heather A. Piperato, "Mrs. Pip"