Reading Olympics

  • Calling all readers! Every year readers from Lehman Intermediate School come together to join the Reading Olympics. It is a competition for, you guessed it, reading. A list of books is given to every team that wants to compete. The list is available in the spring, but students sign up for the team in the fall of the next year. AS A TEAM, they must read all 46 books on the list. On the day of the competition, they will go against other teams that have also read the books. There are 3 rounds going head-to-head against one other team. Questions are asked about the books alternating from one team to the other, 40 questions in all for each round. You add up the total of the 3 rounds to get an overall score with the top 4 teams winning prizes. Lehman was the first school to enter more than one team. Now many schools have 3 teams they send and the numbers of teams keep growing. Everyone who goes know it is not about winning a prize; that is just a bonus. It is about kids getting together in a wonderful energetic environment and reading. In the words of Elizabeth Hardwick, “The greatest gift is a passion for reading.”  Never a truer word spoken...or read.