Ski Club

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    Students and parents can email Mr. Toth if you have any questions. 

    A Notice to All JTL Riders going to Shawnee!
    To help keep parents informed, we are implementing a new technology called "REMIND". In the event we have an important announcement for ski club members, this is an easy way to get updates especially if you need to make scheduling changes last minute because ski and boarding gets canceled. Click HERE to see instructions to sign up. It takes less than 15 seconds, and the end result will be, YOU WILL ALWAYS KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!  
    General Information
    For 27 years,  several teachers at JTL have run a ski and boarding club to Shawnee Mountain each January - February. We get a multi-visit package which allows us access to the mountain over a period of six consecutive weeks. The purpose of this activity is to give students an opportunity to get some great exercise at a VERY reasonable rate and to promote the sports of skiing and snowboarding. Shawnee is an outstanding mountain to learn on. The trails are wide, and the conditions are exceptional with the mountain utilizing the newest snowmaking technologies. Additionally, for students who have experience on the mountain, the terrain parks are a great place to catch some air and work on stunts. If you are new to the sport of skiing or boarding, the lessons are set up so the essential skills that are required to ski and board in control and maintain a safe environment are taught. Shawnee has the BEST team of trainers in the Poconos and they offer exceptional deals to get people on the mountain.
    The multi-visit club package Shawnee offers is lower in cost than any other mountain in the area, yet they provide excellent rental equipment for those that don't own their own equipment. Our relationship with Shawnee Mountain has been exceptional over the many years we have worked with them to get JTL students on the slopes. Additionally, our district transportation does a great job offering us a ride to Shawnee since they are located in our district, we are not charged for transportation. This means our costs stay low so we can offer a great package at a very reasonable price.
    1. Ski & Snowboarding intramurals are done at Shawnee Mountain. It is a local business that has the best snow conditions in the Poconos, and the best pricing available in the area. This mountain is appropriate for all riders and skiers from beginner to advanced. The bunny hill is a great place to start, and the terrain park is the best in the area. Trails are wide, well groomed, and there has always been an emphasis put on mountain safety from all employees and advisors at Shawnee Mountain. It is for these reasons we have decided to continue to go to Shawnee.
    2. We offer a full range of products through Shawnee including group rates if the student decides to only go the six times our club meets or a Student Twilight Riders pass for those that like to visit the mountain more often.
    3. Family members can also purchase group passes through our school's program. If you want to learn to ski or board with your student, programs are available, and it is the cheapest way to learn to ski and board. We now offer a Parent Twilight Riders Pass for parents and students that like to ski together frequently.
    4. We offer transportation to Shawnee Mountain for members that sign up for the club. There is no cost to our members for the school bus that transports us to Shawnee Mountain.
    5. Students that have their own equipment can use it on ski club days. It must be brought to school by the parent when dropping off the student in the morning. The equipment is secured and then brought to Shawnee for use when students arrive at the mountain.  
    6. Lesson packages are recommended for students starting to ski or snowboard. The lessons are done in stages and safety is a key concern. A rider must always be able to ski or board in control. If you are new to skiing or snowboarding, you should get a package that contains lessons.
    7. Helmets are NOT required but highly recommended by our advisors. Helmets can be purchased through our club for a discounted price through Shawnee mountain if you prefer.
    8. Rentals are available for skis and snowboards. Boots are part of the rental. Shawnee keeps their equipment in excellent working order. If you are new to these activities, it is cheaper to rent than to buy especially at the age of a middle school student. The chances of them growing out of boots from one year to the next is very high!
    9. Before any student is put on a bus to go to Shawnee, they must have paid the full balance to Shawnee Mountain. This is NOT a free activity. All money paid is done directly through Shawnee Mountain.  


    Ski & Snowboard Riding Guide 2018-2019
    1. Advisors for the club are Mr. Toth (7th Grade), Mrs. Hallet (8th Grade), and Mrs. Lee (6th Grade). 
    2. The club is expected to ride at Shawnee Mountain on the following Wednesdays...
      1. January 2
      2. January 9
      3. January 16
      4. January 23
      5. January 30
      6. February 6
      7. February 13 (Make Up Day)
      8. February 20 (Make Up Day)
    3. If the club is going to be canceled due to frigid temperatures, snow, and/or rain, you will get a message from our REMIND system. Please make sure you sign up for this free service ASAP. 
    4. Each day you ride, you should have the following...
      1. The pass that was provided by your club advisor or your season pass issued by Shawnee Mountain! You must have this or you will NOT be allowed to ride the bus to Shawnee Mountain. You must have a pass to be on the mountain. (DO NOT LET IT GET IN YOUR WASHER OR DRYER!)
      2. Hat that covers your ears or ear muffs or a helmet
      3. Gloves or mittens that cover your entire hand
      4. Snow pants
      5. Warm insulated jacket
      6. Long socks
      7. Bag to carry your school stuff and ski clothing in
      8. Money for food/snacks
      9. Money if you are going to use a locker. Use a locker and keep your things locked up. (**Advisors are NOT responsible for your equipment.)
    5. Schedule on club days
      1. 7:10AM-7:25AM – If you are being dropped off with your ski equipment, you will bring it from your parents' car into the school auditorium where it will be locked up in the closet at the START of homeroom.
      2. 2:20PM – You will be dismissed with your regular team. Get your ski club apparel, ski pass,  and anything needed from your locker such as homework and go to the auditorium.
      3. 2:40PM – Attendance by group leaders. Collection of forms and other paperwork will happen at this time. Food vouchers will be distributed each week. Absentee Vouchers will also be distributed at this tiue. 
      4. 2:50PM – Change clothing after your grade level has had attendance taken
      5. 3:00PM – Gather all belongings and walk to the bus. Students with ski or snowboard equipment will get it from the locked closet and place it in Mrs. Hallet’s & Mr. Toth’s vehicles for transport to the mountain.
      6. 3:30PM - Bus drop-off at Shawnee.  Head for rental shops, then lessons, or the mountain.
      7. 7:45-8:00PM - You must return your rental equipment at 7:45PM unless you have given the advisors a note stating you are staying later than 8PM.
      8. 7:45-8:00PM - Arrange a meeting spot with your parents. The advisor's table is the best place to meet at 8PM or before. Parents must sign our their students no later than 8PM.
    6. All riders must be signed out by 8PM.
    7. Advisors will leave the mountain at 8PM.
    8. Students are expected to eat on their own after their lessons between 5:00PM and 6:30PM. Some like to eat earlier, some later, but students do not have reserved seats in the lodge or a designated area to eat. All students are old enough to gather with their friends and eat dinner.
    9. An advisor will be near the fireplace at all times in the lodge if assistance is needed.
    10. If you miss a day because you were sick or had another commitment, we can give just ONE voucher for each individual. The voucher is good weeknights from 3PM-Close and it does cover rentals and lessons too. You are expected to make every effort to get to Shawnee on the Wednesdays we are scheduled to ride.  There are no extra vouchers other than the one allotted if you miss.
    11. You are expected to use your own equipment or the equipment that was given to you by the rental shop. You can get seriously hurt if you switch boots, bindings, skis and/or boards. If something does not fit correctly from the rental shop, take it back to the rental shop for an adjustment or replacement equipment. They are excellent at taking care of your riding needs.
    12.  Between the hours of 4PM and 7:45PM we expect students to buddy up with a friend and ride the trails on the mountain following these rules…


      1. All school rules apply (Act appropriately at all times!)
      2. Only ski and board within your limits. Skiing and boarding are dangerous activities. Stay on trails you KNOW you can handle.
      3. Only ride on open trails.
      4. Stay out of the woods.
      6. Use appropriate language at all times and be respectful to the staff and all other riders at Shawnee.
      7. Always ski and board in control. The person closest to the bottom of the slope has the right of way. It is your job to maneuver around them without getting too close.  It is NOT your mountain, but the mountain of every rider at Shawnee.
    2018-2019 Shawnee Group Information