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      Mrs. Nancy Shaffer          Mrs. Deziree Seeman     Mrs. Dawn Roses    
    Please note that the listed items are suggestions.  Basic school supplies can be provided for all children.

     Large book bag (no wheels or rollers)
    About 10 Elmer's Glue sticks -We use these on a daily basis.
    Bottles of Elmer's white glue 
    2-3 boxes of  crayons - no more than 24 count
    1 pack of washable colored markers
    1-2 pack of black dry erase markers
     Extra large erasers
    Large pump bottle of hand sanitizer
    2 Packs of baby wipes
    Cotton balls
    Small and large paper plates
    Wiggly eyes
    Ziploc baggies small & large
    Small lunch bags - brown and white
    Pipe Cleaners
    Popsicle sticks small and large