• Pictured left to right (back):

    Mrs. Rebecca Halas (Life Skill K-2 Teacher), , Mrs. Barbara Cali (Supplemental Learning Support Instructional Aide - Grades 4 and 5), Mrs. Hadiyah Crosswell (Supplemental Learning Support Teacher - Grades 4 and 5), Mrs. Jan Rosenberger (Itinerant Learning Support Instructional Aide - Grades 4 and 5), Mrs. Debbie Bastian (Itinerant Learning Support Instructional Aide - Grades K-3),, Mrs. Sarah Stein (Supplemental Learning Support Teacher - Grades K-3), Mrs. Lisa Mignosi (Supplemental Learning Support Instructional Aide - Grades 3 and 4), and Mrs. Sue Welsh (Supplemental Learning Support Teacher - Grades 3 and 4)

    Hello, my name is Hadiyah Crosswell. I am the 4th and 5th grade Supplemental Learning Support teacher, here at Resica Elementary. I graduated from East Stroudsburg University , with a dual degree in special education and elementary education. This is my second year teaching here at Resica Elementary School. When I am not at school I am busy with my husband and children. My children are involved in soccer, football and boy scouts. So, they keep me pretty busy at home. I enjoy working at Resica Elementary School . I take pleasure in getting to know the student's interest and what they like to do outside of school. I also have the benefit of working with great teachers, staff and a great principal. Everyone is supportive and helpful.

    My name is Debra Bastian and I work as an Instructional Aide under Erin Hubert, Itinerant Learning Support, K-3. I started at Resica in the year 2007-2008. This is my third year at Resica. I love working with, and supporting the children. When I help the children and see what is being taught suddenly "click", it makes all the difference. I like Resica because it is like a big family.