JTL Art Department
    John T. Lambert Intermediate School  
    Art Department
    Students in 6th and 7th grade art will be building on the foundation they have learned in elementary school. Students are introduced to various art materials, techniques and styles with an emphasis on creative problem solving, personal expression and artistic growth. While students engage in hands-on studio projects, we are always looking for strategies to infuse new technology into the art curriculum. We continue to break down the traditional classroom walls and explore 21st century skills using gaming platforms, social media, coding and blogging to share our innovative explorations with the outside world. This dynamic integration of technology allows us to engage with what is happening in the "real world" around us. The use of chromebooks in the Art Room allow students to explore new artists, go on a virtual gallery tour, research images, use apps and online art programs, as well as engage, create and collaborate with the outside world. 
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