ESHS South Girls' Soccer

FORD 4 UR SCHOOL FUNDRAISER SAT, SEPT 16th 9-3 .  Let's be the top earner again!!
We will always meet in the locker room before practice and walk out together.  Be prepared with everything and keep it in your locker/bag at all times. (cleats/turfs, sneakers, soccer socks, regular socks, shin guards, large plastic bag, sunscreen, extra shorts, t-shirts, sports bras, water, etc.)  I suggest you arrive at least 25 minutes early (ESPECIALLY DURING PRESEASON) in case you need to see Doc, change, talk to the coaches, deal with paperwork, etc.  If you need to see Doc and don’t think you will have enough time to get back to the locker room, take everything with you and meet us at the appropriate field. Remember, our locker room is in the school.  Once it’s locked, it’s locked.  Keep in mind we leave the locker room 5-10 minutes early so we may start practice on time.

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